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5th Dec 2019, 7:22 PM
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pkmnMasterWheeler edit delete
Hey guys guess what I'm doing?~ Starting ANOTHER Nuzlocke!~ So back when I played Sun for the first time I decided to blindlocke it, and figured hey, this is the last chance I'll have to do a comic on a blindlocke for 3-4 years, so I did! And as for why Ash is the protag? Well I thought it'd be cool if I had a sort of "Ash's Pikachu" rule, where I had to force one of my encounters to be a Pichu or Pikachu, couldn't evolve it to Raichu, and if it died I lost, and after a while I was liek, hey! It'd be pretty fun to have him as the main character!

Also I will admit, this started as just the basic 2 rules, and I just added stuff as I went along.

Da Rulez:

1) If a Pokemon faints it dies

2) Only can catch the first Pokemon on each route

3) Ash’s Pikachu clause

-Must Catch a Pichu/Pikachu

-Pikachu can’t evolve to Raichu

-If Pikachu dies I lose

-Pikachu gets 3 KOs before it dies

4) Allowed to skip the first encounter in favor of the first Alolan encounter (Either form or Pokemon)

5) No dupes (May keep looking)

6) Max revives can be used to revive dead Pokemon (I didn't know how many free Max revives this game gave you, but considering how much harder than recent Pokemon games it's been, I don't regret it)

-You actually have to be able to USE it on it